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    Long-term Vision:

    We strive to becomethe top-grade transportation investment enterprise in China with prominent main business, diversified business, perfect integration of industry and capital, efficient management and excellent profitability.


    Strategic Stages:

    In order to achieve our long-term vision, we need to go through “3-5-10” three strategic stages.

    “3”: To consolidate the top-grade investment group at provincial level in three years.

    “5”: Strive to become excellent transportation investing and financing enterprise at national level in five years.

    “10”: Strive to become the top-grade transportation investment groupin China in ten years.


    Strategic Measures:

    “Four-Base, Four-Seek”

    Based on public welfare, to look for political support, to achievegovernment-oriented development, and to seek for stable development.

    Based on economic efficiency, to build profit models, to achievemarket-oriented operation, and to seek for incremental breakthrough.

    3、Based on multiplicity,to innovate financing method,to achieve integration of industry and capital, and to seek fortranscendent development.

    Based on state-owned characteristic,to reform related systems and mechanisms,to achieve management optimization, and to seek for long-term development.